UltraCare Healthcare, LLC

Medicare Certification:

UltraCare will focus on developing and implementing coordinated systems that would ensure compliance with Medicare Regulations and operational efficiencies. UltraCare will focus on the day-to-day operations of the facility to establish systems and provide training and resources that will result in optimal practices needed for success under the Medicare PPS.

UltraCare will perform the following:

  • Staff trained to Medicare requirements and policies and procedure in place.
  • Staff trained to effective pre-admission, admission, and discharge processes that promote quality and profitability under Medicare.
  • Team trained to MDS right coding, RUGs, skilled level of care and PPS regulations.
  • Training and tools to implement best practices for case management across nursing, therapy and billing to ensure accurate revenue.
  • Evaluate the facility ancillary contracts to assist in making sure they are competitive to the market with optimal pricing and language to decrease facility risk.
  • Provide recommended financial tracking systems and initial Medicare budget.
  • Nursing staff trained to skilled level of care charting best practices.
  • Billing office trained to Medicare Billing requirements.

Medicare Billing | Medicare Compliance